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Author(s) David Hopkins
Update schedule Completed
Genre Horror, Drama, Action
Censor NC17 button.png

Cliff is a short run comic book series created by David Hopkins which debuted in January 2005. It tells the story of Cliff, a former soldier in Vietnam who returns from the dead to seek revenge on former members of his army unit.

While set in the Jack universe, the character of Jack does not appear in the comic.

Plot and theme[edit]

The comic centers around Cliff's journey for revenge after escaping an enemy base. His main interaction is with a woman named Billie who Cliff mistakes for his dead girlfriend Linda.

During the comic Cliff is taunted and guided by a voice inside his head, later revealed to be the Sin of Lust Drip. Drip constantly nags at Cliff to do the most heinous actions possible, and often brings up his past to make him easier to manipulate. This often triggers flashbacks, showing the reader how Cliff almost died, how he came to have blades for arms, and why he is hunting down the ones responsible for his pain and suffering. These take place in between the extremely gory present day scenes depicting Cliff's revenge on the men who have wronged him.


The character of Cliff appears in the main Jack storyline. He first debuted as a supporting character in the story arc Hell Is That Noise. He would later make his return at the end of Those That Run and has become a recurring character since then. In the published form of the story arc Sever The Hunger he is established as a servant of Drip.

The character of Wolfram from Newshounds appears as a TV at the end of Issue 2 while reporting the incidents that occur during the story.

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