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Claw & Quill

Claw & Quill is the name used by Watts Martin for a variety of furry fandom websites; most recently, for a online non-fiction magazine.


The first version of the website, a fiction-focussed webzine titled Claw & Quill: Modern Fables, was launched in October 2004.[1] The project proved short-lived, due in part to pressure of work and the loss of two contributors (Jacob Schmid and Fred Patten) due to health issues.[2]

By the end of 2005, Watts had into a curated story archive for readers and writers of fiction.[3] In 2011, a strategy guide and initial code were published.[4] The website was to be written in Python using the Django framework. However, this concept was ultimately abandoned.

By May 2013, Claw & Quill was being described as an online magazine about furry fandom,[5] and Watts was seeking submissions of reviews, interviews, personal and business profiles, and stories about other topics within the fandom.[6] The first issue was published in October 2013.[7]


Claw & Quill #1 (29 October 2013)
  • "Welcome to Claw & Quill" (Watts Martin)
  • "Pup Fiction" (Alice Dryden/Huskyteer)
  • "Is Furry Fiction Science Ficton?" (Kyell Gold)
  • "Nature vs. Nuture in San Iadras" (Watts Martin)


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