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Claudandus (or Claudi for short) is a Cabbit species from the Netherlands

Claudi, having been born in 1985, has been Part of the fandom since late november 2006; and has been the admin of the #fluffyden irc channel on Furnet since early 2008.

Cons attended[edit]

Claudi has attended eurofurence 17, in 2011, as well as having attended DFC 1-4.

Species description[edit]

  • Claudi, is a technically Genderless, female Character.
  • Claudi has an overall Yellowish pelt, with a mid-long furcut, making her extremely fluffy
  • on her back are a set of tigerish stripes, which may or may not be painted on.
  • her tail is relatively off-whack for her physical size, being moderately long, and sometimes being a source for trouble.
  • Claudi is a li'lfur at heart; but will have issues with behaving professional in public, yet; being very much a cuddlebug and cutie at heart.
  • and as previously mentioned, she is also a mommyfur to some of her friends, in both online and offline situations.

other things[edit]

  • Claudi is a Poly Fur with one of her cuties being Ola Hughson, with whom she attended a Demoscene party in 2015.
  • Claudi is an MTF Transfur
  • the name Claudandus is indeed a reference to the Book Felidae, and has been her username for a Very long time now.
  • Claudi's first choice of species was nothing more than a simple white bunny, having progressively been discovering her more Felid side in 2007, and... eventually learning of the species name Cabbit thanks to lepkitty.

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