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Ghost of P.S. 42 (cover)
Battle in a Bottle (cover)
Survival School (cover)

Class Pets is a children's book series written by Frank Asch, and illustrated by John Kanzler.


the series is about a tale of a brother and sister mice couple living in an elementary school, P.S. 42.


The Ghost of P.S. 42[edit]

Jake and his sister, Molly, are looking for a new place to live. When the mice discover Public School 42, they wonder if they should make it their new home. But Jake has scary encounters with an owl and the bully cat Big Gray, and wants to go back to his family. Meanwhile, Molly makes friends with a gentle hamster named Gino (who is also a ghost) and with Miss Clark's class pets, and wants to stay.

First published in 2002, by Simon & Schuster (with ISBN 0689846533) is the first book of the Class Pets series

Battle in a Bottle[edit]

It's late at night and Big Gray, the monster cat, is on the prowl. Brother and sister mice, Molly and Jake, are safe inside the walls of P.S. 42, building their nests. Jake should have listened to Molly's advice and stayed inside. But he wants nothing to do with school, class pets, or even kids. While Molly is learning the secret art of X-ray vision from Gino, Jake is getting into trouble on the playground in another tangle with Big Gray. The only place he can find to hide is inside a ketchup bottle... and that's when the battle begins.

Survival School[edit]

Dexter is the newest class pet in Miss Clark's classroom. Just as brother and sister mice Molly and Jake are getting settled inside the walls of P.S. 42 and Miss Clark's room, Dexter escapes from his cage and turns the classroom upside down.

Pretty soon he's in the company of Molly and Jake, and it's their job to show him how to survivein the world outside his cage. Teaching "survival school" isn't as easy it seems, and before long, Jake, Molly, and Dexter find themselves caught in a series of survival lessons.

First published in 2003, by Simon & Schuster (with ISBN 0689846576) is the third book of the Class Pets]] series. It is illustrated by John Kanzler.


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