Clarence T. Hare

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Sketch of Clarence, currently being redesigned to fit my current art style.

Clarence T. Hare is a furry artist who lives in Reno, Nevada and is a member of the RenoFurs forum.


Clarence T. Hare is a Hare standing about 6 foot 3 inches tall. He has a tannish orange fur that covers most of his body, except his muzzle, chest, belly and bottoms of his feet. His ears are larger then average, normally flopped over as they're too heavy for him to keep straight up comfortably. Over his left chest and deltoid he has a tattoo of pitch black leaves that look to be blowing over his shoulder. The tattoo is mostly a permanent dye in his fur.

Clarence tends to wear simple clothing. He commonly wears jeans or slacks that are long enough to bunch around his ankles, usually a dark blue or black in color. His shirts are loose on him as well, giving him free range to move his arms around without the shirt feeling like it's bunched up or limiting his movements.


Initially, Clarence was created to be a character in a video game being designed by his creator. The game never really got far, but the character was adopted by his creator as a sort of face for his online activities. Commonly known as a Fursona.

History of the character[edit]

Since Clarence was originally created to be a game character, a detailed history was created for him that was never really publicly known. Here's what is known:

Clarence grew up alone with his mother after his father left at a young age. He knew his father went off to fight in a war their country was in, however he never came home. As an adult, Clarence wanted to set out to find his father's story. The war was over, the land he lived in peaceful for the most part, and Clarence had no delusions that his father may still be alive. But his father always told him that a person's spirit and deeds can live on forever in the story of their lives. Clarence was intent on finding out just what happened to his father.

That was the start of Clarence's journey. There is too much to get into detail here. Clarence's creator still hopes to make that game to tell the story.

Artist & creator[edit]

Clarence's artist and creator currently resides in Reno, Nevada and is a member of the local community. His major hobby is drawing, and he is on a constant quest to improve his skills. He also enjoys cooking and entertaining friends and family. He's currently trying to organize a local Art Assistant meet to give artists of all skill levels a place where they can quietly work on their projects, but be within earshot of others should they need help.

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