Clan of the Cats

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Clan of the Cats
Author(s) Jamie Robertson
Launch date 1999
Genre Urban Fantasy

Clan of the Cats is a webcomic about a witch, Chelsea Chattan, who is afflicted by an ancient family curse. In times of stress she transforms into a black panther, forcing her to move from her shared apartment in New York City to her family roots in a small town in North Carolina.


  • Chelsea Chattan (main character; full name "Chelsea Kate Urania Chattan")
  • Cynthia Monroe McRae (Chelsea's halfsister, full name "Cynthia Marie Angeline Thalia Monroe McRae")
  • Wald Chattan (Chelsea's brother)
  • Ben Monroe (Chelsea's stepfather, Cynthia's biological father)
  • Jubal McRae (Paul's brother; full name "Alexander Jubal McRae")
  • SJ (childhood friend of Chelsea)
  • Sebastian ("Sebo", Grandma's familiar)
  • Paul McRae (husband of Cynthia)
  • Ruth (Chelsea's paternal grandmother, also a witch)
  • Diane Chattan-Monroe (Chelsea's mother, widow of Peter)
  • Peter Christopher Chattan (Chelsea's father)
  • Lucy (Chelsea's roomate in New York City)
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