Clan Rikier

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Clan Rikier
Clan Rikier series icon 2k17.png
Author(s) Nicholas Crotser & Cyance Fiction
Update schedule Ongoing
Launch date Jan 2, 2017 (reboot)
Genre Slice of life, Humor, Drama
Censor MA button.png

Clan Rikier is a comic created by Nicholas Crotser (SweettheSour) and Cyance Fiction following the life of a male doberman named John. It is a spin-off of Nick's 2004 analog comic Sam and Molly.


Clan Riker began as a series of sketches as Sam and Molly ended it's run in early 2007, involving the title characters' son Danny's best friend John, and his life as a high school freshman. The idea was worked and developed until it began in July 2010 and was placed on an indefinite hiatus in August of the same year, it was officially revived via a reboot on 2 January, 2017. The reboot begins the winter after John graduates high school.

An original sketch of John from early 2007


It's the late 1980's and John is a sales clerk working at MuZiks, a record store nestled snugly on the first floor of a quiet mid-western shopping mall. At 20 years old, John has of making it big as a rock star. The only problem is nobody's paying attention to this quiet corner of the world. The everyday adventure of strange customers and fun times with friends breaks the monotony of waiting to make it big.

Main Cast[edit]

  • Jonathan "John" Rikier (b. 1965) Male brown and orange Doberman, slightly introverted and a love for music, has a high proficiency for the guitar and songwriting. His dream is to be a famous rock star type, but worries he wouldn'€™t have the heart to fit into the lifestyle. Trying to not let it affect him, a bad experience with a past romance has colored his view on the world. John currently works a "œMuZiks" a record store in Crossroads Mall, located in the quiet midwestern American town he lives in.
  • Erika Rikier (b. 1971) A female brown and orange Doberman, the fraternal twin of Rainier. Her talent lies in the art of illustration and painting. As her mother Chloe loves to dote on her children, many of her paintings can be seen in the home. Erika herself posses the stubbornness of her father and the kindness of her mother. She is never afraid to fight back but she can take creative criticism gracefully. With her feistiness and a fierce love for her twin, you don’t want to be on her bad side.
  • Rainier Rikier (b. 1971) A male brown and orange Doberman, fraternal twin of Erika Rikier. Proficient in soccer, his dreams include becoming professional. Fast on his feet in not only sports, with a talent for debating others on a variety of topics, makes him no slouch in the classroom either. MVP and Debate champion multiple years, his mom proudly displays his trophies around the home.
  • Samantha "Sammy" Movera (b. 1964) A blue, grey and white female fox/cat hybrid (less than 50% fox, her mom is the real hybrid), the fraternal twin of Daniel Movera. Outgoing and ambitious she currently works in an arcade in Crossroads Mall, she is going to community college for business management and attempting to become a model, all while waiting for her escape to show itself.
  • Danny Movera (b. 1964) A grey and white male fox/cat hybrid (less than 50% fox, his mom is the true hybrid), fraternal twin Samantha Movera. Very introverted and the more timid of the twins is currently attending the University of Illinois at Urbana pursuing a major in creative writing.

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