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Status indefinitely postponed
First iteration N/A
Organizer(s) Capital Furr
Subject Convention
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CityFur was a attempt to make furry convention which was due to take place in Mexico City, Mexico. It is organized by Capital Furr, the same team that organized Camping Paws.


After the success of the first editions of the annual camping event, Camping Paws, the plans for creating a new furry convention began to have more strength, the first announcements that made the plans known were during the weekly podcast Viernes Furry, shortly afterwards, during FurCan 2019 , a discreet easter egg in the conbook was shown that made known the name of this new convention[1], at the end of July of the same year the official announcement was published together with the guest of honor reveal.


The first official announcements revealed that Brazilian fursuiter Crash Azarel and the creator of the Dutch Angel Dragon species, Telephone, will be the guests of honor for this edition[2]. Some promotional announcements showed that the mascot of the convention is a Quetzal bird named Kiixy, on december 5 the dates and the place was revelated, the convention will take place from June 5 to 7 , 2020 at the hotel Holiday Inn Coyoacan[3] the chosen theme for this firts edition was "La magia de los pueblos mexicanos" (The magic of mexican towns), a theme that search to represent the diversity and culture of Mexico.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first edition of City Fur was Initially postponed to march 12-14, 2021 [4]. However, as the global situation did not improve, the hotel decided to close its operations since July 2020, directly affecting the holding of the convention, for this reason the staff decided to postponed indefinitely[5].


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