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Citrine Husky (real name Tony Patrick; born February 4, 1993) is a legally blind furry, fursuiter, and musician, who lives in Cloverdale, Indiana, USA.[1] His fursona (a blue, white, and black wolf)[2] is actually named Ice TYP. The last three capital letters TYP stand for the letters in his real name ( [T]on[Y] [P]atrick).

Citrine defines himself[citation needed] as a straight, open-minded Christian. He is very active on social media, especially Twitter and YouTube. He also identifies as a "BabyFur", Though he keeps his interests behind closed doors he is very open about himself. My deep interests are my business and others shouldn't be forced to hear or see them but I do have a "strong kid side".

Citrine opened for "Charity" Whose Lion is it Anyway at IndyFurCon 2015 and has performed in the variety shows at IFC2014, MCFC2015, IFC2015, MFF2015, MCFC2016, and IFC2016.

Citrine is in a relationship with his mate, Snow Flake, and they have been together since September 22nd, 2013. They were engaged at IndyFurCon 2015.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Citrine joined the fandom on August 13, 2013. He is quoted[citation needed] as saying "I found the furry fandom through YouTube by watching a fursuiter named Ari".

He has appeared as a special guest on FurMedia.[citation needed]


Citrine's first fursuit, a rainbow husky, was made by Drakonic Knight and purchased by Citrine on FurBuy in spring 2014.[citation needed]

It was not until IndyFurCon 2014 that Citrine decided to try fursuit dancing. People gave him positive feedback and he has since made a handful of dance videos on his YouTube channel. He also performed as Citrine at the MCFC2015 and IFC2016 dance competition as well as the preliminaries at MFF2015 and MCFC2016.

His other suit, Ice TYP, which was made in the spring of 2015 by SassyPup Creations made his debut at IndyFurCon 2015 in the fursuit parade and dance competition. Ice TYP is now has a regular segment on his youtube page RebaRox10 known as "Ice TYP's" where he give tips and advice about the fandom.


Citrine is a singer, songwriter, and multiple-instrumental musician. His inspiration is those who enjoy, need, and/or are inspired by his story and talents. He is a fan and writer of all musical genres from classical, rock, Christian, dubstep, country and beyond. No music has been released professionally due to the lack of producers. However Citrine is currently writing songs for a late 2016 album titled "AcousTYP: (The Acoustic Sessions)". He has done a concert at FurReality201IFC2016, and FurReality2015, IFC2016 and is scheduled for a second year at FurReality2016. It is also worth noting that Citrine launched a charity music panel with Bucktown Tiger at IndyFurCon2015 which made a return in 2016 with guests ZJ Wolf and The Rockn'Roll Dragon. It is scheduled for FurReality 2016 next. It was cleverly named "Charity Is Noted".


Citrine tested the waters at the IFC2015 open mic and caught the attention of Alkali, 2 The Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage. Since then he as threw his two cents in at Who's lion is it anyway and other "testing" events. He announced his first one hour comedy show at MCFC2016 and continued on at IFC2016.It made the schedule and will be at FurReality 2016 next. Since Citrine is legally blind he humorously called it "Citrine as Mr. Magoo". It is also worth mentioning that Citrine Co-hosted the Open Mic panel at MCFC2016 and IFC2016 and will also be doing so at FurReality 2016.


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