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Siege á Ferios (previously known as Siege Voxus, typically known as just Siege) has been a member of furrydom since 1994. He describes finding 'the fandom' as having been a "homecoming experience", seeing as he'd been making up various furry characters and playable role-playing game monsters throughout much of his life to that point.

Siege as dragon, by P_Moss
Siege's phenotype has changed often, but when in character he's primarily canid, draconic, or musculine, with an occasional shift to other species. Out of character, he considers himself to have had an "Otherkin experience" some years ago.

Siege lived in or close to Ohio from 1995 to 2008; at the end of January 2008, he moved to central Indiana. He can be found as Siege on FurryMUCK and LiveJournal. He has also been a member of the Furry Writers of Ohio, though his current location precludes attendance at their meetings.

Notable facts[edit]

  • Siege has been a helpstaffer on FurryMUCK since the late '90s.
  • He moderates the LiveJournal community   ohiofurs, which functions parallel to the OhioFur Mailing List.
  • He served on Morphicon's staff in 2005 as Director of Gaming.
  • He authors the story Cioe B, hosted on LiveJournal, which is currently on permanent hiatus.
  • In February 2006, Siege was added to the list of WikiFur's administrators.
  • In May 2008, he finally began work on a website for his podcasting ambitions, which came to fruition in June.

Cioe B details[edit]

Cioe B

Cioe B is a story in progress, hosted on LiveJournal and written by Siege a Ferios. It features the history of several groups of genetically altered animals (called savant animals), and one young coyote in particular.

Its last update was Dec 31, 2005, and the story may be considered on permanent hiatus as of 2008.

Because the story has not advanced very far, spoilers don't exist for it. This is subject to change as plot and backstory develops. Note that older entries in the journal are subject to occasional revision, mostly for word choice or consistency issues.

Characters and organizations[edit]

Cioe B Canis Latrans: The main character. Her name is pronounced "ch(y)o'ee" (using the ci from ciao and the oe from Zoe). She is a Beta savant, one of the second-generation savant animal types. She works mostly as a secretarial type.

Azume Biotech: (Pronounced "AH-zoo-may".) This company is the original source of savant animals. It has shady backers who have been unclear as to the actual goals of project "Alpha Savant". None of its personnel or directors has yet appeared as part of the main story, though a commentary was begun in one of the posts.

Zero Alpha: This is the first progenitor of the Alpha savants. He originates primarily from Golden retrievers. Due to his swift mental development and capacity for interbreeding with the various subjects, he escapes euthanization for many years.

Siege's Snippets details[edit]

Siege's Snippets is a podcast, produced and hosted by Siege, intended to be a source of ponderings and philosophy, as well as a showcase of others' written works (as read by Siege). As noted on its website, Siege also offers advertising and his voice talents for compensation.

The podcast's inaugural show in June 2008 covered what one might expect from the show; due to the lack of updates as of February 2009, renewed production may bring changes in format or guidelines.

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