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Chux (also known as Chux Astrosquirrel or AstroChux) is a fursuiter who lives in Saint Louis County, Missouri, in the United States.


Chux is a big grey squirrel with aspirations for orbital flight. The full Chux fursuit was made by That's Furred Up! in 2015 and features a very large tail that can be attached to other outerwear/costumes. Chux can sometimes be seen wearing an astronaut spacesuit costume.

Furry activities[edit]

Chux was introduced to the fandom by Fizz Otter in 2006 and attended Midwest FurFest as his first con in 2007. He contributed a couple of innuendo-filled astronomy-themed comedy bits for the old 2sense Show by 2 Gryphon. Chux was unable to attend many of the conventions until 2013, and found a renewed fondness for the fandom following the chemical incident at Midwest FurFest 2014, during which he was concerned for his friends, created new social media accounts, and stepped more completely into the fandom. It was around this time that he commissioned the Chux fursuit, which he was able to receive a few days before Gateway FurMeet 2015.

Bringing some skills and technology from his day job, Chux has run an astronomy panel called "A Trek Through the Known Universe" where he uses advanced visualization software to render the entire known universe for real-time flight through the cosmos. The presentation uses the same tools and techniques employed in modern astronomy education, and has been enjoyed by attendees at several conventions over the past few years, including Gateway FurMeet, IndyFurCon, and Anthrocon. The next planned showing will be at GFM2018 under the title "Pawlanetarium".

Following a few successful public attempts at mimicking Uncle Kage's voice and mannerisms while both in and out of suit, at IFC2017, Chux was invited to participate in a charity event where Alkali Bismuth introduced him to the stage as Uncle Kage. Chux proceeded to protest from backstage, insisting that there be wine present before coming out, and continued to entertain in character throughout the event. So as to continue the gag, for part of the event, Chux was Kage, Kage was Alkali, Alkali was Pandez, and Pandez was wearing the head of the Tien Long dragon from Ronnie to become Tien Wide.

Chux is on the team for Gateway FurMeet as the Promotions and Publications Director.[1] Chux also serves as Treasurer on the board for Gateway Furry Fandom, Inc., the organization behind Gateway FurMeet.


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Real life[edit]

Chux holds an Associate in Specialized Technology Degree (electronics) and numerous years of experience in immersive entertainment which he puts to use as an entrepreneur engaged in engineering, manufacturing and sales, and works a day job selling high-end visualization systems.


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