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CaptainGerBear is an artist, author, and programmer.[1]


CaptainGerBear's projects frequently contain mature themes and homosexuality. They include:


Main article: Grant

Grant is a webcomic which is posted on Ger's Fur Affinity and deviantART galleries. The titular Grant is a gay werewolf, and the comic tells his story, starting from his childhood as an orphan, when he first discovers his ability to change.

(Monster in the Closet) Bump In The Night[edit]

Bump in the Night is an adult Flash game[2] in which Muggins (a red-purple demonic monster) performs oral sex on Heavy J (a lavender-coloured cat-like creature). The player must control the action so that Heavy J is stimulated enough to maintain his erection, but not so much that he ejaculates prematurely.


Opening screen of the ChubPan demo
"Spanking the Panda" minigame in ChubPan

ChubPan is a work-in-progress "homoerotic dating sim".[3] A Flash game, subtitled "A Point & Prick Adventure", ChubPan is incomplete as of August, 2011, although a playable demo has been released. In the demo, the player controls the actions of a chubby panda who has survived an aeroplane crash with retrograde amnesia. Unable to remember his own name, he has been christened "Pan" by the residents of Bumpton, a remote logging village where he is being nursed back to health. The demo has since been removed from the creator's website.

Pan can explore the town, meeting and talking with its inhabitants. The local physician, Dr Tate (a stag), arranges Pan work as a lumberjack, which forms a minigame in the simulation. Pan's tree-felling becomes more difficult as he begins to hallucinate flying angelic and demonic forms of himself. A symptom of Pan's sexual cravings (he is initially forbidden from sexual release on medical grounds), the hallucinations grow over time and begin to copulate on screen, distracting the player and getting in the way of the game controls.

Eventually Pan is allowed to relieve his pent-up cravings. Although a "list of Fuckables" has been released by CaptainGerBear,[4] the demo release does not include any interaction with them. The demo does, however, give Pan the option of relieving himself by masturbating. This takes the form of a "Spanking the Panda" minigame in which the player must move their mouse rhythmically up and down to make Pan stimulate himself.


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