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Christine Bridges is female writer from Reserve, Louisiana, USA, who lives in Kentwood, Louisiana.[1] She is a member of the Female Furs Facebook group.


Logmas are a fictional creature species created by Christine Bridges. They are horse/dragon hybrids.


On a planet named Vorel, their where two main intelligent species; the Equines and the Dragons. They both lived in peace with one another, each learning from the other. One day, the dragons learned of the Equines extensive breeding records and were fascinated. They where interested in having such strong blood in their species. They came to the agreement that they would experiment with interspecies breeding.

They came to the conclusion that Equine males would compete against each other at various Dragon keeps, and the victor would breed to the strongest dragoness. Before the eggs would hatch, they where taken to the stallions home city so when they hatched, the offspring could nurse with a lactating mare. The dragoness' would visit their offspring often, forming a bond. No one is sure where the name for the species came, but it stuck. And thus Logmas came to be.


Logmas are extremely diverse, with the amount of combinations of breeds there are no two Logma alike. They can be with or without wings depending on the type of dragon their mother is, their colors can be Equine-like, Dragon-like, or a mixture of both. Their overall appearance is mostly equine looking with dragon traits added in, but there have been a few known to resemble their maternal heritage.

They each have a specific power of their own that they embrace throughout life. The only restriction on Logma breeding is the mother must be a dragoness and the father must be a stallion.


Once they reach a certain age, they set out alone in the world but they never forget their roots and family bonds and visit home as often as they can, but never for very long. Logmas have been known to clash with each other when confronted, and unlike their parent species, they do not settle down in cities or keeps.

They are a solitary creature, making their homes in forests, mountains, swamps; anything that catches their fancy. Some take fancy to the traditional wear of their Equine roots and will never be seen without it, while others prefer to be free of such belongings.

They have never been known to reproduce amongst themselves. Whether it is because of their extreme solitude or not is unknown, however, they have been known to take mates from other intelligent species; whether or not reproduction is possible is unknown.

Notable Logma characters[edit]

Rubis Armageddon[edit]

There was a competition to be held at an Oriental dragon keep, for the right to breed head dragons Kethend. The only competitors where three stallions of different breeds, one Thoroughbred, one Arabian, and one Akhal-Teke, as per Kethend's request.

She chose these particular breeds because they were well known for their speed. The competition was to be a race, 20 miles (32 kilometers). The distance from the keep to the closest Equine city, starting at the city ending at the keep where Kethend would greet the victor. The stallions where closely matched, but the Akhal-Teke stallion by the name of Senitir was the victor. His breed was a rare one, for Akhal-Tekes were few in number.

The offspring of Senitir and Kethend was a unique Logma, named for her metallic red coat; Rubis. Logmas are not usually given a surname, but Rubis earned hers, shortly after she hatched, her metallic blue fire nearly burned down her nursing quarters, which thankfully was separate from any major building in the city.

For this, she was given the surname Armageddon, which she wore proudly as she grew. She was unique in many ways. Her eyes were solid blue with no distinct pupil, her fire was blue, as well as her horns and hooves, and her mane was as golden as the sun. While each Logma is unique in its own way, Rubis still to this day however is the only one with a unique firepower and color, as well as her solid eyes.


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