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Christian Furs
Ran from/toNov. 19 (official opening Dec. 2), 2008 - Present
Active AdministratorsFlechmen, Alsek
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Christian Furs, aka CF or, is a newer forum and multimedia gallery aimed towards Christian furries[1].


What may seem like a clone of Furrs Fur Christ was actually thought up before the administrator, Flechmen, even knew about FFC. An offer on MyBB Community Forums along with unease of more traditional furry sites gave Flechmen the idea to create the forums. Although the offer on the MyBB Community Forums did not come through, a few responses to a thread on Fur Affinity drove him to make the forums anyway. The forums were first officially opened December 2, 2008; however the forums were first up and running by November 19. The opening was delayed so a proper domain name could be purchased. Web hosts came and went, Flechmen worked for most of them as part of the support team. The forum and all of its daughter sites (galleries, wiki...) are run on a dedicated server donated by Wolfin.

What makes CF Different?[edit]

The administrator claims that the major difference between CF and other Christian furry forums is the combination of forums and multimedia galleries (that are separate from the forums), as well as the use of "more user friendly" software. The forums, although aimed at Christians, are open to anyone who wants to come. The Christian parts of the forums are hidden to most, even regular members. When someone registers, they are sent a small, opinion based questionnaire via private message. Upon return of this message, a regular member is given full access. This is to help control trolling and flaming. The administrator of CF also posts a prayer each day in a forum that is visible to all members. A daily devotional is also posted each day automatically.

Game server[edit]

Christian Furs has a Minecraft beta server at