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The Christian Furry Fellowship, led by several Christian furry volunteers who enjoy serving God and the fandom, is a Christian ministry with the purpose of promoting the idea that one can be furry and be a Christian at the same time. They try to encourage a proper understanding of Christianity within the furry community.

Mission statement[edit]

Christian Furry Fellowship is a ministry devoted to reaching those involved in and around the furry fandom and other online communities/activities for Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to provide a safe haven for fellow furry Christians and a place in which to minister to one another. Our goal is that we might reach the furry fandom in a way that brings people to a better knowledge of and relationship with Christ, while promoting the good that can be found in and demonstrating the capacity for righteousness within the furry fandom; continually building relationships with each other in order that we might live as a community of brothers and sisters united under one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Each Saturday, the members of the CFF gather in chat for a somewhat traditional church service, including hymns (which generally involve the downloading of midis and lyrics), a time of open worship, prayer, a sermon and a time of sharing and fellowship. These services are not meant to replace going to a brick and mortar church to fellowship with believers. The service is on Saturday to avoid conflict with members' regular church.

Wednesday meetings are far less formal, existing solely for the purpose of friendly chat. Bible studies are done over voice chat through skype on Thursdays. There is also a smaller prayer service on Tuesday nights. The Christian Furry Fellowship, while tending towards baptistic doctrines, is non-denominational. Everyone is welcome, including non-Christians.

The two CFF's[edit]

In 2008, the Christian Furry fellowship divided into two organizations.[clarify] The old CFF remained at St. Fred's Cathedral and is led by Oren Otter and student pastor Jake Otter. The new CFF can be found at Furry Chapel and is led by Jude Wriley. The two CFF's are on friendly terms.

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