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Chris Dunn, alsso known as Rris Centaur, is an occasional furry writer who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Chris Dunn was a FurryMUCK's wizard between 1992 and April, 1999. His main tenure there was as MUF and Character Creation Wizard.[clarify] When not at his FurryMUCK home, Riss' Run, a quiet valley meadow up above Tugrik d'Itichi's place, he can usually be found in WCOTP tossing people into the pond.

One of his lasting creations was the coding of the "RIDE" global that for the first time let Muck users carry other users around with them.{{clarify|| Riss coded a number of other "W" globals as well including WhoSpe.[clarify]


Chris has a centaur alter-ego named Riss, which was his character on FurryMUCK. The character's name Riss was really an unintentional misspelling of a character name in a Mercedes Lackey book, Winds of Fury, wherein a Kyree character had been named Rris for Chris. However he had not seen it in print yet at the time he joined FurryMuck, and needing a somewhat fantasy name, just entered this name.

Barr Wars[edit]

In 1989, Chris released the first of two collected issues of a comic artist jam that was to be known as the Barr Wars.[citation needed] This comic art mashup between a number of well known and amateur furry artists[who?] dragged on for years.[citation needed]

Chris had come to know a good deal of professional and amateur artists by attending various Sci-Fi conventions, and in some cases repping the artist's work in the art shows.

Donna Barr, one of the primary instigators of Barr Wars, also used Chris as a model in one of her productions. The Mute Radio Man in the The Desert Peach is based on him. It is left to the readers research to find out why the Mute Radio Man is always seen carrying around a small stuffed Dinosaur.[clarify]

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