Chmarr Walcott

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This is not the same person as the similarly-named Ch'marr.
Chmarr in his Werewolf: the Apocalypse phase

Chmarr Walcott WAS an Estate Manager on Furnation Worlds in Second Life. He also is on the staff for the Skymall there. Chmarr can be found DJing on various online radio sites. He is currently mated to Axeonos Fluffball. He is Activly involved in making a secondlife type program with Crystal Studio, which there pre-alpha software will be released in a closed internal beta in a few weeks and then in 2008 will be an open beta test of the software will be released to a limited number of people, reason for the limit is to stress test the network hardware and then the network coding.

apart from this Chmarr walcott has been busy with his collage studys as well as he is going and a systems and network admin as well as a network builder and repairer.

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