Chitsu Anddo Asu

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Chitsu Anddo Asu
Author(s) Mastergodai, Upstairstudios, ID
Status Irregularly
Launch date February 27, 2014
End date Ongoing
Genre Comedy, fan service
Censor MA button.png

Chitsu Anddo Asu is a comedy/fan service webcomic drawn by Mastergodai, soft brushed by Upstairstudios, and written by ID.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The cover and first post of Chitsu Anddo Asu.

Reiko invites Raven, Skye, Quick, and Chrissy to an all-expense paid trip to Japan for spring break. Upon arriving at the hotel, Reiko pulls off a hilarious prank of stealing all the clothes off of Chrissy, Raven, Skye, Quick, Kyoko, and Jazmin. Kyoko reveals that she actually called Reiko back to help with her resort as a film group is scheduled to arrive there very soon. Kyoko proceeds to show a training video of what not to do while on the clock that features Reiko skinny dipping, causing "accidental" wardrobe malfunctions, and groping. After the video, Kyoko hits on Quick.

Outside, Julia, AJ Leigh, and Eliza are outside and in the nude planning to take their revenge against Reiko for her previous indiscretions against them. Eliza plans to hide behind screens to get a drop on her when she comes out with the towels. Eliza inadvertently jumps and gropes Chrissy, her cousin.

Inside one of the changing rooms, Megan, the actress that plays Rush in Knuckle Up, searches through her bag for her swimsuits only to learn that Paige, the actress that plays female Hawke in Knuckle Up, discarded them so that she could have free access to Megan’s "goods". Megan came prepared and brought spray on bikini. With her plans foiled, Paige leaps towards Leena, the actress that plays Swoop in Knuckle Up and was the Ninja Grand Master in Rascals Goyoku. Lenna uses a substitution technique to dodge Paige’s grobe attack only to fall prey to Reiko’s trap. Paige’s excitement turns to Kyoko’s chest and then Reiko’s chest.


The cast of Chitsu Anddo Asu is comprised of all the characters within the Rascals universe. Please refer to the cast pages found in Rascals, Rascals Goyoku, Project Zero, and Knuckle Up.

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