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Chino, also known Talija and Kaj the Liar, is a furry writer and former forum admin.


Chino is a freelance writer who lives in Hertfordshire, together with his wife, two children, and one mildly sociopathic cat.

Chino works professionally as a property developer, and is something of a soccer (UK: football) nut. He supports Tottenham Hotspur F.C. as well as his local side, Stevenage FC, while also retaining a fondness for the Dutch soccer team, AFC Ajax.

In his free time, Chino reads a variety of genres (and writes on an even wider variety), and is a major fan of both Terry "Pterry" Pratchett and Iain M. Banks. He is also an avid collector of trivia.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Under the screen-name of Talija, originally talia_of_shadows, Chino was one of the first 100 members[citation needed] on the forum, joining back when it was known as, a site where he would become first a moderator, later an administrator.[citation needed] After six years of involvement with the site, Chino stepped down as administrator (along with the site's other two admins and all of the moderation team) on the day ceased to be an independent site and was swallowed up by "Yiffy International" (also known as[citation needed]


Still operating under the screen-name of Talija, Chino would later join another forum site, Furry-Within, which was then run by a friend and former colleague, Azhtek. After Azhtek stood down from running the site and handed the reins over to Thalassa, Chino once again found himself helping to run a site, after he and LadyDarkSphynx (also known as Ikari) were both invited aboard the staff by Thalassa,[citation needed] who was friends with both and professed a desire for their site-admin experience to help her run the site.


When Furry-Within eventually shut down, after Thalassa made the decision to do so for operational reasons, Chino and Ikari teamed up with the third helmsman from their time as admin at - Micah Raccoon, and started discussing the idea of starting a new furry forum site. Having all had the experience - more than once in the case of Chino and Ikari - of inheriting someone else's ailing site and trying to shape it into their own vision at the same time as trying to revitalise it, they all wanted to work on a site that was truly theirs, and theirs right from the start.

Discussions were slow and careful, with none of the three wanting to rush headlong into making the site without having a clear and unified idea of what they were after, and what direction they wanted to take - specifically, a fur-friendly (but not exclusively furry) writing and roleplaying forum site with a focus on character, setting, and idea development, where more experienced writers would look to share their knowledge and experience with younger writers, instead of indulging in the elitist snobbery found on so many other sites.[clarify][citation needed]

When the details had all been squared out, the trio started up a testing ground for the site on Chino's homesite, Illecebra Isle, inviting just a few friends to help them test out ideas. The first incarnation, Masque (a Masquerade-themed site), quickly made way for the current name of Byblos (a Greco-Roman drama themed site), which was shortly thereafter launched into an invite-only beta, and eventually opened its doors fully in January 2011.


Whilst not being a traditional furry artist by any means, Kaj nevertheless is active on the Football Manager scene, having designed over 300 kit and logo graphics to be used in the game. He is also the owner of the #CrappyAvatarOnAPostIt tag on Twitter, where his hand-drawn originals often go for as much as absolutely nothing. [citation needed]

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