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Chinese WikiFur
Author(s) Founders: dbfox, omegaCyberDragon and Kakurady
expanded curators in 2011: BGs and 狼王白牙 (Kiba)
Contributors: (see statistics)
Launch date 6 March 2009
End date Ongoing
Article count 201+ (as of Jan. 2012)
Genre Encyclopedia

The Chinese WikiFur is an edition of WikiFur that is written in Vernacular Chinese, the standard Chinese writing system used with Standard Mandarin and used by the governments of the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. It is the 11th language-specific edition of WikiFur and the first in a non-Indo-European language.

It is the second attempt to set up a Chinese-language furry wiki, after Wolves' Paradise's own wiki,[1] which was set up in August 2007 but was not actively maintained.[2]

The Chinese WikiFur was founded by dbfox, omegaCyberDragon and Kakurady in March 2009. It experienced stagnation during the year of 2010, but by June 2011 was being revived by new and experienced editors and curators, and reached 125 articles. The article count was over 150 in September 2011.

According to, the domain was once blocked within the People's Republic of China, making it one of a large number of websites, in Chinese or other languages, to be blocked in the country.[3] However, it is not blocked as of 2014. Many active editors of the Chinese WikiFur project are in any case based outside of areas under direct governance by the PRC, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the Chinese minority diaspora.


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