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fursona chibirisu

chibirisu (Markus Wlochowitz), is a squirrel furry from Germany.

Real Person[edit]

Chibirisu is active in the German-speaking furry fandom since 2003. However, he already got familiar with the US-Fandom via Internet in 1995. Chibirisu is the founder and owner of the Frankfurs Community, dealing with the furry community around Frankfurt in Germany. Thus, he is also the host of regular housecons in spring and autumn.

Freetime activities of chibirisu include music, as he had his first contact with the piano at the age of 5 and took piano lessons througout 20 years. He also deals with photography and photo-, audio- & video editing.

He is interested in: Music, animated films, SciFi, fantasy, IT, astrophysics, photograph, psychology.


The Fursona chibirisu is an Anthropomorphic Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

About the name[edit]

The nickname chibirisu is japanese and means "small squirrel". The initial is written with small letter. Most of his friends call him by his official short-form "chibi".


  • Special signs: Cobalt blue strands
  • Body height: 5' 9" (176 cm)
  • Normal build, Slightly athletic
  • Red-brown fur, cream-white tummy up to the tip of the nose
  • Bushy tail, just 1/3 longer than the body
  • Long winter ear tufts
  • Eye colour: Deep blue (Cobalt blue to Midnight blue)
  • Coat patterns in form of blue strands in the pony, ear tufts and tail
  • Short, or scarcely semi-length trousers from robust fabric and leather
  • Upper part of the body often undressed, now and then with waistcoat
  • During exploration or in fight, leather clothes with decorations

Fandom activities[edit]

Twice a year he organises a Furmeet in his flat with 20-30 people (regular in spring and autumn). He also organises occasional meetings within the scope of the local community "Frankfurs", who is primarily managed by him.

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