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A chibi badge by Marci McAdam

Chibi (English, pronounced "chee-bee"), also known as super deformation or just SD, is a style of caricature originating in Japan, common in the anime and manga fandoms whereas the character is drawn in an exaggerated, cute ("Kawaii") way, typically small and chubby with stubby limbs, oversized heads, and various degrees of detailing (although minimal was the original amount).


The English term "chibi" derives from the Japanese chibi kyara (ちびキャラ, tiny character), where chibi (ちび) is a colloquial word for very short people and children, itself deriving from chibiru (禿びる, to wear down), and kyara (キャラ) which is loaned from the English word "character".

"Super deformed" itself comes from Japanese "deformed" (デフォルメ, stylistic distortion), itself derived from the French word "déformer".


Chibi is typically used in artwork to emphasize cuteness. To do this, detailed anatomy such as fingers are eliminated, so that their hands closely resemble those of the Powerpuff Girls or look as if they are wearing mittens. When they do have fingers, they are often shaped like baby hands. Chibi also generally do not often have feet, instead having v-shaped "nubs" rather like pointed ballerina shoes. Chibi artwork is very popular in the babyfur community as well as any other furry artist who is looking for a cute factor.

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