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Chewie's Fursona

Chewie is an anthro artist. She also goes by the names One Winged Weasel and Chewie Monster. Her younger brother Aegis introduced her to the fandom in 2004, although she was inactive during 2006-2008.


Her fursona, One Winged Weasel, is a female champagne ferret with a light brown mask and tail. She is often drawn clothed in steampunk or gothic styles. The single angel wing is optional and is often not drawn. The One Winged is a reference to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.


Chewie was born 14 June 1983 and is female. Her nickname has carried through her college education, her fetish modeling days, go-go dancing days and into the furry fandom. As a model she had been featured in the photography compilation "Good Luck In Hell", three gallery shows, one lunchbox and the album cover for the band Zee Doctor. She currently works a much tamer administrative position and spends the rest of time advancing her art career. She is married and lives in Tennessee, USA.

She has attended three conventions, Anthrocon 2004, Anthrocon 2005, and Mephit FurMeet 2009.

Her general interests include video/computer gaming, art, quantum physics, beauty (in both men and women), language, politics and the debunking of religion.


Chewie works mostly in traditional media, Gouache, markers, colored pencils, and watercolor. She enjoys digital work more to unwind and for personal projects.

Chewie's works often can be categorized as pin-ups, which comes from a strong love of fetish and pin-up photography and her history with it. While she loves doing adult work she also creates general audience works as well. She often uses an earthy green and gold palette and makes frequent use of textures in her painted works.

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