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Chepi, is a fursuiter currently living in the USA. She is owned and managed by ChisCringle.

The many faces of Chepi[edit]


Chepi’s fursona is a coyote with a nutmeg colored pelt, black ear tips, white paw tips, and dark brown ear, arm, leg, and face markings. Her signature mark is two hearts that are on the sides of her eyes. Like real coyotes, she has brown eyes. She is most often depicted as a feminine[1] anthro character. The transition to coyote occurred October 11, 2011[2] after a journal[3] was released explaining the change.

The change to coyote has received both positive and negative feedback within the furry community.

She also has been depicted in a realistic fursuit which debuted at IndyFurCon 2012 [4]. The suit was constructed in early 2012[5] and was completed sometime before August 2012. This is presumed to be Chepi’s 3rd public suits, the first two being of her previous fursona peafowl Chameli[6].

During 2014, ownership of the character and costume switched hands. Chepi is now owned and managed by ChisCringle, who has multiple people play the character of Chepi. Her FA account is relatively active, and Chepi no longer appears on Twitter.


Chepi’s first appearance on furaffinity was September 5, 2010[7] as a peafowl named Chameli. Though a female character, Chameli had the markings of a male peacock.

There have been two fursuits of Chameli the peahen[8] both built by Chepi to debut at IndyFurCon. The first suit debuted at IndyFurCon 2010, and the second in 2011. Her second suit of Chameli received very positive reception on furaffinity.

Chameli’s furaffinity account became inactive as of April 28, 2012[9] after a new account was linked onto the front page and a shout detailing the move was posted.

Chepi posted the following shout on furaffinity: “THIS ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER IN USE! IF YOU'D LIKE TO CONTACT ME PLEASE DO SO HERE.”[10]

This is assumed what stirred the negative perception to Chepi’s fursona change.

Since ChisCringle took over ownership of Chepi, Chameli and Chepi are no longer played by the same actor. Chameli was sold to ShannieCat, who later sold to costume and character. Chameli was played by Janu for a short period. The peacock character now goes by the name of Starburst and is owned by Solberg.


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