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chemicalcrux, also known as FenrirFangs, Fen Dweller or just Fen (born 1995), is a writer, 3D modeller, audio designer, and programmer.

He graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a second degree in computer science in 2017; he is now a graduate student, pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science.

Fandom involvement[edit]

chemicalcrux first joined FurAffinity in 2013 under the name FenrirFangs and migrated to his present username in 2014. He has produced a variety of furry media, mostly revolving around subjects such as macro and vore.


chemicalcrux's fursona, Fen, is a blue crux, albeit one with a more "natural" anatomy than the average crux. While typically 7'5" (2.26 meters) tall, he is frequently a macro fur at variable scales.

Convention attendance[edit]


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