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Cheetar Cheetah, also commonly known as Spots (Born January 4, 1979) is a fursuiter from West Central Wisconsin, whose fursona is a male anthro cheetah.


After graduating from high school, and moving out on his own, he got into the furry fandom; and roleplayed with other furries through either MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or on chat sites like YiffChat (now So Furry Chat).

2008 was a big year in Cheetar's life. The first being that, despite the fact that he was strictly straight for most of his life, he experimented with another male fur whom he had met online and invited to spend the night at his home. The second is that he attended his very first furry convention (Anthrocon 2008) in June of that year.

Despite his sometimes gruff, cynical, sarcastic attitude, he's actually a kind, and gentle Kitty. Cheetar doesn't have a fursuit yet, but hopes to get one.

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