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Flint Olimar.
Flint the cheetah during Anime Expo 2012

Cheetahboy16 (also known as PleomaxHD, real name Joey Walker) is a furry artist, fursuiter, writer, and filmmaker who lives in Southern California, U.S.A.


Cheetahboy16's fursona is a 21-year-old cheetah named Flint Olimar. Flint was also in one of Joey's stories, Newfangled!. According to this story, he found himself in a world filled with other anthro cheetahs in the year 3000 AD, and lives in a large city known as Duma. He has trouble trying to fit into this furry-populated world.


Cheetahboy spends time drawing cheetahs. In June, 2011, he set up a Fur Affinity account, which contains storyboards of one of his upcoming films. He also takes commissions for artwork of other furries, for free or sometimes for a trade.


Joey had been fursuiting in conventions since July, 2012. Unlike most, his fursuit is not made with fur, but a rougher fabric; something more realistic to his character. Joey attended AM² and Anime Expo 2012.

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