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Cheese Beagle, formerly known as Provo and Notta Cheese (born February 6, 1982),[1] is a transformation artist and fursuiter who lives in Virginia, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cheese Beagle first entered the furry fandom as the transformation artist Provo, a fan of the Circe's Funhouse website. His art generally consists of animal transformation, where humans are transformed into animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Triggers for these transformations vary from magic to scientific experiments. Several of his pictures are also accompanied with short stories.


Cheese Beagle's fursona is a beagle.


Cheese Beagle's fursuit was built in 2009 by himself and Tigris Gacobelli. This fursuit features a movable jaw and a squeaker in his tail. In 2013, the original follow-me eyes were replaced with plastic cartoon eyes. He wears Happy Feet slippers as a substitute for foot paws.

In suit, Cheese has the ability to perform handstands and forward or backward somersaults. His favorite prop is a large plush cheeseburger.


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