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Charles Champion (also known as Fox and Tokalub) is a furry artist who started drawing furries in 1991 from comics given to him in high school, drawing from time to time with Slipster, Aelius, and many others that brought him to work with Joshua The Samurai.

Late in 2000 he had all but quit drawing all together. It was the introduction of the magazine The American Journal of Anthropomorphics where he came into contact with the work of an artist by the name of Shawntae Howard, which introduced him to Extinctioners and started up his passion for art once more.

With his first published work in Shanda The Panda Annual number 10, Fox has added a few things here and there to the Jewel Vixens keeping him in comics. Now he has started up a comic book publishing company Fox Knight Comics in order to further the love of comics to others.

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Current projects are covers for Jewel Vixens's first paper copy comic, and Luskwood's Jogauni webcomic.

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