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Gildedtongue, full Chakat Gildedtongue, also known as Gildedtongue Zilz on Second Life (born in 1983 in Arizona, USA), is a furry artist, writer, and video gamer who lives in New England.


Gildedtongue's characters include Gildedtongue, a lion-colored chakat, Jansu Thalskina, a male jackalope, Saldura Holbock, a hermaphrodite badger, and Thallon Rosefur, a male foxtaur.


Gildedtongue was the writer (and one of the contributing artist) for the webcomic The Manual, which ran from 2006-2009.[1]


Gildedtongue wrote (name unknown),[citation needed] a chakat-centric story about a middle-aged chakat living in, and eventually leaving, the Holy Christian Kingdom of North America.[citation needed]


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