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Chad Krueger is an artist and cartoonist who has created images including "furban" anthropomorphic characters and mascots. He was a guest of honor at Conifur Northwest 2004 and Megaplex 2011. Chad was born in Fontana, California.

Chad's interest in cartooning became serious during high school. He augmented his skills by taking several figure drawing and color/design classes at Spokane Falls Community College, which were crucial in determining the kind of art he was trying to express. His media include pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, ink, markers, and both watercolor and oil paints.

Having loved animal cartoon characters as far back as he can remember, most of Chad's work is animal-related, and much of it anthropomorphized. He also enjoys landscapes and traditional Japanese art, elements of which have made their way into his work. Some of Chad's earliest exposure to anthropomorphic characters were from Animalympics, The Rescuers, and a live-action/cartoon show from Australia called Dot and the Red Kangaroo. Other of his influences and interests include Boris the Bear, Usagi Yojimbo, Cerebus, Space Beaver, Albedo, and Critters with a special spot reserved for the TOON role-playing game. More recently, he has been interested in Furrlough, Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, and Anthrolations.

When drawing, Chad likes to listen to music: electronica, house, electric funk, breakbeat, drum 'n' bass, early techno (80s to early 90s), disco, soul, funk, hip-hop, and all genres of jazz. When not drawing, Chad's spends time with hobbies like video games, nature hikes, gardening, music (he was a rave DJ for a few years), and fursuiting.

Chad has regularly had work published in the Pacific Northwest Inlander, a Spokane, Washington area weekly alternative newspaper, particularly for the paper's award-winning 2004 Summer Guide. In 2007 he designed the art package for the paper's "best of" issue which featured more than thirty characters representing various subjects of the area that were voted by readers.

Chad has recently moved back to Spokane, Washington.


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