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Neonus (real name: Cezary Lewkowicz) is creator and was one of the administrators of the website, until 2007.

He has been part of furry fandom since 2002.


Neonus was born on the 9th of November 1987 in Warsaw, Poland. Master of Engineering in Computer Science, majored in Game Design/Programming and Man-Machine Interaction at Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Indie game developer. Long term user and content creator in Second Life and BYOND. He claims to never drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs. Transhumanist, believing that becoming a furry will be one of the options of self-improvement granted to humans by the progress of science.


Cezary's fursona is an anthropomorphic, 1.81 m tall, digitigrade King Cheetah, with short, combed back hair and distinct, golden eyes. He is almost always dressed in black clothes, especially those inspired by The Matrix or Equilibrium, wearing on them a stylized golden symbol of an eye of truth.

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