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US White-tailed deer
Ninevah, a female deer. Art by Dustmeat

A deer (plural: deer), also known as a true deer, is a hoofed ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae


Most common known cervine include the white-tailed deer, reindeer (caribou), mule deer, elk, and moose, among others. Most of them are specialized herbivores.

Regarding antlers, male deer of all species (except the Chinese water deer), female reindeer, and some (prominently white-tailed) does (normally caused by hormonal imbalance), grow and shed them every new each year.


  • Males are called bucks, with larger bucks in certain cervine species called stags and/or bulls. A havier is a castrated or neutered buck
  • Females are called does, while the larger does in certain cervine species are called hinds and/or cows
  • Younglings:
    • A fawn, is another name for a youngling, independent of sex
    • A kid is a small fawn
    • While a calf is a large fawn
  • Herd is a term for a group of deer

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Deer and furry[edit]

Deer are the most common/popular of the even-toed ungulate found in the furry fandom, regardless of gender. The best known deer artists include SusanDeer, Dustmeat, Jack Cavanaugh, Bucky Boy, and Tor, among others.

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