Central Canada Fur Camp

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Central Canada Fur Camp
Ccfurcamp logo 2019.svg

Location Manitoba, Canada
Status Upcoming
First iteration September 9-12, 2021
Organizer(s) Perogus Vulpes Inc.
Subject Outdoor Furry

Central Canada Fur Camp (CCFC) is a furry convention starting in Manitoba, Canada in 2021. It is a camping convention in the style of Feral!. Refunds would be offered if it was forced to cancel.


(Note: Programming won't be solid until the end of July.)


Access to the beach, including canoes; chilling around the camp.

Thursday evening[edit]

Arrival, registration, campfire socialization.


Breakfast, opening ceremonies, tour, sports, lunch, improv games, supper, hiking, campfire, midnight howl.


Breakfast, fun, lunch, boffering, supper, talent show, campfire.


Breakfast, hiking, packing up, closing ceremonies.


Camp Wasaga[edit]

Camp Wasaga is a private cabin campground in Riding mountain National Park near the town of Wasagaming in Manitoba, Canada. GPS co-ordinates to Camp Wasaga are: 50.663873, -100.019710. (lake access) It accommodates up to 85 campers in its cabins.


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