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Central Brisbane Anthro Night (CBAN) was an annual furry meet that took place near the end of the year in Brisbane, Australia.


CBAN was a rebranding of the Central Brisbane Furmeet Christmas party. As the CBFM group grew in size, it necessitated a larger end-of-year meet being put in its place. From its inception as a Christmas party, the event was a free event as was is thrown to give back to the community who support the meet.

CBAN 2013[edit]

This inaugural event was held in the Southbank Parklands on December 7, at 2pm. The event began with a BBQ and activities running until the Criterion Tavern, the booked venue, opened at 6:30pm. This was a free event, but registration was required for the booked venue to ensure that the limitations of the venue were not exceeded. Central Brisbane Anthro Night 2013 had 140 registrations.

CBAN 2014[edit]

Announced to happen on December 6, starting in the Southbank Parklands with a BBQ at 11am. Website said at 5:30pm activity would move to private function at the Criterion Tavern, the booked venue. It was a free event, but registration was required for those who wanted entry to the booked venue.[1]


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