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Cenarius, Lord of the Forest, is a demigod in the World of Warcraft universe. He has made tremendous impacts to the lore and events throughout the series. He was born from the union of the moon goddess Elune (who is expressed as a Night Elf) and Malorne, a giant white stag demigod who is the protector of nature. Cenarius is a centaur-like being who has the upper torso, arms, and head of a Night Elf, a body of a stag, large antlers, and his right arm from the elbow down is depicted as tree roots. Upon his birth, Cenarius was abonded by Elune, who could not allow a mortal to be in her presence. Malorne took his son and gave him to Ysera, one of the four Aspects who is the keeper of the Emerald Dream, because Malorne felt unfit to properly raise Cenarius. Because of this, Cenarius gained the secret knowledge of the Emerald Dream, an alternate reality of Azeroth (The lands within World of Warcraft) that depicts what Azeroth would be like if it was untouched by mortals. Cenarius is currently dead, having been killed by the infamous Orc Grom Hellscream who was drunk on the demonic power of Mannoroth's blood. However, the legacy of Cenarius lives on, as he was the one that taught the first ever Druid Malfurion Stormrage.

The Keepers of the Grove, Dryads, and Centaurs[edit]

A male and female centaur from World of Warcraft.

Not only has Cenarius passed on the teachings of the Druid, but he left the world with many sons and daughters, which are the Keepers of the Grove (the males) and the Dryads (the females). Like their father, they are all expressed with a stag body and antlers, and the torso, arms, and head of a Night Elf. One of his sons in particular is Zaetar, who fell in love with the earth elemental Theradras. The result of this was the creation of the Centaur, a savage and primitive race that is described as twisted mockeries of the beauty of the keepers of the grove and the dryads. However, there is dispute if Zaetar is the father of the original Centaurs, or if the first Centaur was a child of Cenarius as some evidence points to.