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Cekuba is a anthro artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cekuba has been in the furry fandom since around 1998. When she first joined it, she helped moderate sites such as were.net and werewolfe.com, as well as maintaining a full art library on VCL and hosting meets.

Due abuse from two previous relationships,[clarify] she was forced out of the furry community,[clarify][citation needed] returning as soon as she met other furries in the lower mainland of Canada. At this time, she started volunteering for Howl in 2010.

Cekuba was Vice Chair of VancouFur 2015,[1] and will be Chair of VancouFur 2016. [2]

Cekuba has unfortunately dealt with unfair judgment when dealing with government policing officials and a specific ministries of British Columbia[clarify][citation needed] of which directly relate to biased judgement of the furry community. Cekuba continues to work on improving media stereotypes as well as society stereotypes which have worked to effectively attack furries in community, work, home, and family.[clarify][citation needed]


Cekuba's fursona is a brightly-colored hyena.


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