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Cef (born November 14),[1] also known as Cef Fur, Closetfur1, charlievast61, and The Hugmonster on The Fur Oasis, is a greymuzzle furry who lives in West Indiana, USA.[2] He identifies as a Border Collie.


Cef officially appeared in The Furry Den in December, 2012.

He has attended IndyFurCon 2013, Fur Reality 2013, Midwest FurFest 2013, IndyFurCon 2014, Fur Reality 2014, Holiday Hijinx 2014, IndyFurCon 2015 Fur Reality 2015, Midwest FurFest 2015, IndyFurCon 2016, and Fur Reality 2016

Real life[edit]

Since the late 1970s, Cef has been an electronics repairmen, covering coin-op video games, jukeboxes, various arcade games, consumer electronics, some commercial repair, and satellite installation (but not computers). He also does pool table refelting and maintenance, and is a protestant minister in a non-denominational church body.


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