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Cc2iscooL's Gaming Community (also known as Cc2iscooL's Server Community) was a forum and gaming community created by Cc2iscooL specifically (though not exclusively) for furry gamers.


Cc2iscooL's Gaming Community was officially started on September 18, 2007, the same day that Team Fortress 2's official beta was released to pre-purchasers of the Orange Box on Steam. Originally, the community started as one twenty-four slot Team Fortress 2 server, known as "Cc2iscooL's Furry Fortress." On October 23, 2007, a group was created on the Steam Community named "Cc2iscooL's Server Community," which quickly grew due to the popularity of the server. On November 11, 2007, Cc2iscooL released the community's official website which contained a basic home page, a forum, and statistics for the Team Fortress 2 server.

As the server's popularity grew, members began to complain that one server was simply not enough for how many users were trying to join the server during peak times, sometimes becoming up to an hour wait to join the server. To alleviate the load, a second twenty-four slot Team Fortress 2 server was created on December 1, 2007, which helped balance the load of users between the servers, leading to lower wait times. Another server was created on April 29, 2008 in the United Kingdom to attempt to gain traffic in Europe, but the server did not do well and was moved to the United States on May 21, 2008, where it still resides. On September 1, 2008, it was realized that as the community continued to grow that yet another server was needed, and thus the fourth server was created.

August 1, 2009, all of the CC2 servers shut down, TF2 related or not. The official announcement can be read on the steam group. It is unknown at this time if the servers will ever come back or not.

Community and Events[edit]

Cc2iscooL's Gaming Community ran an event every week on their Team Fortress 2 servers named "Friday Night Party Night," (FNPN) which was run every Friday between 8:00PM CST on Friday and 8:00AM CST on Saturday. This event was announced on the Steam Community every week and birthday mode was enabled on all servers.

Current Servers[edit]

Cc2iscooL's Gaming Community consisted of three Team Fortress 2 servers, and had a Left Fur Dead server.

Team Fortress 2[edit]

Servers 1 and 2 ran pure (no custom models, textures, sounds, etc) to reduce the possibility of model exploits and invisible wall textures. Server 3 ran custom models, and is the 'community' server where the community can submit ideas to be considered to be added to the server. All three servers also had "Fast Download," which is a service via HTTP that allowed users to download maps, sounds, and other custom content from a web server faster than normally possible via the "trickle download" method. The three servers and their IP addresses are listed below. All four servers run statistics via Psychostats (not tracked directly on the servers to prevent statistic gloating.)

  • - Cc2iscooL's Furry Fortress #1 (24 player slots)
  • - Cc2iscooL's Furry Fortress #2 (24 player slots)
  • - Cc2iscooL's Furry Fortress #3 (24 player slots, stock maps only, Custom Models)


The administrators of Cc2iscooL's Gaming Community are listed below, along with the links to their Steam Community profiles, in alphabetical order.

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