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Cats n' Cameras
Author(s) Cheetah, with contributions by V.Kyrie JiveGuru
Update schedule Saturday
Launch date November 1, 2008
End Date ongoing
Genre Comedy
Censor MA button.png

Cats n' Cameras is a webcomic featuring characters and story developed by Cheetah. As of August 28th 2010, the artist for the strip is James M. Hardiman . Through February 2010, the strip was drawn by V.Kyrie, who helped develop the characters and storyline. Chapter 5 of the Comic was also drawn by ZeroSeven a current member of The Jab Archives site

On Feb. 28, 2010, V.Kyrie announced that she had posted the final strip drawn by her and would not be drawing any more strips. She went on to say she will work with Cheetah and the new artist who will continue the strip, and will continue to produce art including some featuring characters from Cats n' Cameras. The new artist, Zeroseven, was announced on March 13, 2010.[1] .

On Aug. 28th, 2010, Cheetah announce that James Hardiman would start work with CnC for chapter 6 and beyond, [2].

Through out the 6th chapter two new characters where introduced, a mouse names Jessibel (Jessi for short) and an Otter named Anthony , more information on these characters is becoming available as the story line commences.

On October 8th, 2011, Chapter 8 of the Comic introduced Svetlana, a Russian brown bear as a replacement for the job profile that the character Thisisa had been filling.

The Strip had multiple artists from 2015 onward , Tiedtigress, MackeyGraphics,battlecorgi, Aunumwolf,monkeycheese and as of November 9th 2019 the Strip is now illustrated by Iron Potato

On November 1st, 2023 Cats n Cameras Celebrated their 15th Anniversary - Iron Potato Now being the longest continuous artist for the strip as they passed over 650 Strips


It is centered around a camera/photography studio, and the lives of employees, Josephine, James, and Sarina, Alexia, and Bella. More characters will be introduced as the storyline moves forward. Though set as an adult based comedy the storyline will see it's fair share of serious dialog and situations. The basement studio was revealed early on in the storyline where the more adventurous customer comes to make more private videos for their own memories and enjoyment, as well as small movies the studio itself produces.

Josephine has been a mascot of the Jab Archives, which hosts the comic's domain.


  • Josephine, also known as Jo, is a feline who at the beginning of the comic has just returned from college, and is co owner of the studio.
  • James, a cheetah, is Josephine's boyfriend, and owner of the photo studio.
  • Sarina, who is part serval, She's a lot smarter then she seems, but won't let the people around her know that.
  • Alexia is a human who works as an accountant at the camera studio.
  • Manila, a Serval, is Sarina's mother. A single mom, she moved into the neighborhood when Sari was quite young, she is a hard worker, but loves to spend time with her family and friends.


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