Catboy at the Con

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Catboy at the Con
Author(s) Kenneth Siefring
Catboy @ The Con, by Kenneth Siefring

Catboy at the Con is a webcomic by Kenneth Siefring about Trades Marcus, a less than ordinary catboy. Traveling from convention to convention with boss and girlfriend in tow, Trades makes a point to try avoiding the fan girl posse as best he can.

Catboy At The Con is another of Purrsia Press' titles which is centered around a male feline character named Trades. He's an everyday otaku, who also happens to be a catboy. He regularly goes from one anime con to another, and is constantly being victimized by hordes of fangirls who keep forcing him to do yaoi fanfilms. While attempting to evade them, Trades also does a webcomic with his partner Carl, which is mainly why he even bothers going to cons at all. However, on one fateful trip he encounters the cute cosplayer Jedda. After narrowly surviving another fangirl mob, Trades and Jedda start a little relationship; Not that Trades' talking cat brother, Hours, or the nosey ghost girl Sara are helping things go any smoother.

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