Keaton Velox

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Keaton Velox

Keaton Fiery Velox/Catboy Fiery (real name: Logan Linderman) is a member of the furry fandom.

Personal details[edit]

  • Cultures: Native American (F), Welsh (M), Portuguese (M), German (B). [Key: F=Father side, M=Mother side, B=Brother side]
  • Zodiac: Pisces (Sun, Murcury), Leo (Moon), Aries (Venus), Gemini (Mars).
  • Species: Swift Fox (Vulpes Velox)/Mexican Wolf
  • Games: Graalonline (*catboy), Ragnarok Online, Runescape, MapleStory, World of Warcraft: WoW, EverQuest, MU.
  • Career: Artist/Photographer/Professional Gamer
  • Schools: Drawing and Painting of 1999.
  • Talents: 1st grade: 5th grade drawing talent
  • Honors: National Honor Roll, 2005-2006


  • Keaton Velox: Green/White Fox/Wolf, has forgotten all of the past.
  • Yobtac Fiery: Racoon/Cat "Brother" of Keaton
  • Kaneki Velox: Wolf "Father" of Keaton
  • Gato Velox: Gray/White Cat, "Family member" of Keaton
  • Neon Velox: Neon Blue/White Engineer Cat, "Family Member" of Keaton
  • Keen Velox: Black/White Fox/Wolf, "Mother" of Keaton *Missing in RP*
  • (?) Velox: Light Brown Foosa with Googles on forehead, "Velox Native" of Keaton
  • Keke: Black/White Cat, "Druid Leader" of an army group leaded by Velox
  • Lua Escura: Black Cat/Fox/Wolf, "Family member" of Keaton, Brother of Luz
  • Luz Escara: White Cat/Fox/Wolf, "Family member" of Keaton, Sister of Lua
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