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CatDragon is a webcomic written and drawn by Kassie Boyd (aka Klebkatt). The comic is about two girls, Cassandra McCoy, the social phobic but elegant and intelligent 18 year old, and Elizabeth Wine, who is Cassandra’s younger punk rocker friend living with her in Japan. The comic has been in development since May 2003, debuted on September 20th, 2006 and is updated weekly.

CatDragon is one of the very different types of comics, as it hosts light and fuzzy themes to dark and depraved story development; like bestiality, yiff, rape, cannibalism, murder, suicide and so on. It also uses various plots, themes, and characters from mythological and current religious ideology.

There is also an RPG element and game built into it, so readers may create their own games and stories based on the CatDragon world.

Lastly, the comic has a focus on using song titles as chapter headings and lyrics as themes and foreshadowing elements; leaving readers to research and guess at what will come next.


  • Cassandra McCoy (18 years old): A stereotypical bookworm and southern belle living in Japan, she is cursed with an infinite amount of bad luck. To counteract this curse, she wears a family heirloom necklace of ten lucky gold coins. She also wears a variety of green dresses, green gem jewelry, and has green eyes and long wavy brown hair.
  • Elizabeth Wine (16 years old): Elizabeth currently lives with Cassandra in Japan for unknown reasons and she has known Cassandra since they were kids. Up until recently, Elizabeth has been known to be the rebellious one and was on a self-destructive path. After being asked by Cassandra, she joined her older friend in a trip to Japan with an ultimatum: enter the "Sweet Dreams" contest.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The comic’s main plot is Cassandra and Elizabeth finding their “hopes and dreams” by traveling the world to solve puzzles, find rare artifacts, and fight and banish the demons they set free at the beginning of their adventure.

Subplots give details about each characters past and what may hold true to them in the future if the characters do not change soon. Elizabeth, for example, is filled with wrath and vengeance and will eventually destroy herself with her anger. Cassandra, on the other hand, is being devoured by perfection and envy, trying her best to conform to what her family wants, but is loosing her own free will in the process.

Various other plots in the story are filler or reasonable fan requests, as well as interventions of anime, furry, and comic conventions.

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