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Castle Xy-Gel (April 13, 2001—January 6, 2011) was a townhouse located in Leesburg, Virginia, owned by Brian Harris and Karl Jorgensen.

Brian and Karl had been living together in Silver Spring, Maryland since 1996, when they decided to purchase their property in September 2000. They selected carpet and tile the night before flying out to Midwest FurFest 2000.

The townhouse itself was built in early 2001. Brian and Karl enlisted a group of local furries to help them move into their new home on April 14, 2001, and treated them to dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse afterward (which was later obliquely mentioned in The Washington Post).

Castle Xy-Gel occasionally served as a gathering point for various furry gatherings including Mine Fire Fur Meet, the annual pre- and post-Anthrocon river tubing trips, and a weekly bowling meet. Board gaming was also sometimes hosted there on the weekends.

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