Cassie the Rock Vixen

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Cassie the Rock Vixen (full name: Cassandra Vixena) is a character created by Earl "Foxonian" Bacon. She is the lead guitarist and lead singer of a band called Cassie's Band, having left her previous band, Furrocity.

Cassie is known for her habit of signing her high-heeled shoes and then kicking them into the crowd at concerts. Her shoes, consequently, are considered collector's items by her fans.

According to her bio: "Her personality is slightly yiffy with a sly sense of humor. Her sexuality is, as she puts it, 'my business.' Make of that what you will."


Cassandra Vixena (red fox, copyright Foxonian) Lead guitar and vocals

Cindy (snow leopard, copyright Foxonian) Bass guitar

Laretta (grey wolf, copyright Andre') Rhythm Guitar

Vixina (red vixen, copyright Cloudchaser) Fiddle

Rachel (whietail doe, copyright Foxonian) Keyboards

Alex (arctic vixen, copyright Foxonian) Drums

Ajna (fennec vixen, copyright Foxonian) Drums

Yang Li (golden dragon, copyright Foxonian) Session guitarist

Shiva (silver black vixen, copyright Foxonian) Chief of security

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