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Carry On is a webcomic chronicling the (mis)adventures of Kathy Grrsn, a spotted hyena. It is drawn by Kathy Kellogg, née Garrison, hence the character's name.

The comic started as a spin-off of 21st Century Fox, with early strips relating to the wedding of Cecil to Beth and Barb. Kathy Grrsn was a maid of honour for the wedding. After a brief hiatus, during which Kellogg focussed on her other comic projects, the comic resumed, this time focusing on Kathy Grrsn's work, home life, and family.

In July 2011 the story took a dramatic swerve with the arrival of Lieutenant Frederick Kruger of the Hyena Brigade, who revealed that Kathy is the chosen heir to the African territory of Rackenroon. The complex back-story of Kathy's grandmothers, and her great-grandmother the current ruler (as in nature, the spotted hyenas in the strip are a matriarchal society), was explored alongside Kathy's existing concerns in Hyenasport. But by September 2013 it was time for her to travel to Africa to meet the Duchess, accompanied by her sister Sandy, Fred (whom she occasionally nicknames "Louie" after his rank, even though as a British-educated South African he pronounces it "leftenant"), and the unicorn bush guide Aloysius "Trader" Horn. A complex web of alliances and contracts supposedly requires Kathy and Fred to marry and have children for political reasons, a prospect that neither of them were originally very keen on. But a little time and familiarity seem to have changed all that...

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