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Carmen K. Welsh Jr., also known as CopperSphinx, The Angry Goblin, or Kayfey, is a furry artist and writer who lives in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.[1]


Carmen's "furriness" began in pre-kindergarten when she wrote and illustrated her own book, Cat the Bat,[2] which soon led to a comic-panel sci-fi series about a crew of felines in outer space. Later stories led to superhero dogs, fantasy cats, and other creatures, beings both real and imagined. Often she would draw a character and then write their back-story.

Carmen's influences and interests include mythology, fables, 1960s suspense tales, history, sociology, science, technology, required reading in school, science fiction/fantasy (both films and books), foreign films, indie films, young-adult novels, illustrated children's books, comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels). She is also fond of Japanese manga and other Asian-related media.

Carmen also attends Sci-Fi conventions.

Published works[edit]

Carmen is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, and her written works have appeared in several publications:[2]

  • PawPrints Fanzine (Su Ling, Spring 2000; The Merchant's Daughter, Fall 2001)
  • Fur Visions (The Contract, issue 28, 2005; I Guard the Gate, annual themeless issue 33, 2005)
  • Anthro (White Ministrant, #12, Jul/Aug 2007; Firefly Crown, #28 Mar/Apr 2010)

I Guard the Gate was also read aloud in the Anthrodreams podcast of July 19, 2010.

Publications featuring Carmen's artwork include:

  • Fur Visions: Issues 31 and 32, 2005
  • Anthro #15: Jan/Feb 2008 - High Priest Domin (cover art)
  • ANTHROlogy Volume Two (interior illustration to White Ministrant)


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