Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

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Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys was a twenty-six episode animated television series. As the title suggests, the primary characters are monkeys of various species. The series leaned towards fast-talking humor, fast-paced action, and several running gags.


Charlie, a chimpanzee was part of the monkey-manned space flights of the 1960s, but his rocket veered, of course, plummeting him into the far reaches of space. He was rescued by an advanced alien race, who granted him intelligence, and given the task of saving the universe from the primary antagonist, Nebula, who was a half human, half blackhole with desires of becoming a full blackhole to reshape the universe in his name.

Charlie, who assumed the title "Captain Charlie Simian" recruited a team of fellow simians to help him patrol the galaxy in the ship "the Primate Avenger" which was armed with futuristic weapons and technology.


  • Captain Simian, chimpanzee
  • Shao Lin, Chinese golden monkey
  • Spydor, Spider monkey
  • Dr. Splitz, orangutan
  • Gor, gorilla

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