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Cap (born 1972 in Bremerhaven, Germany), is a cartoonist and fursuiter who lives in Germany. His name comes from his being a fan of the Disney animated feature The Fox and the Hound. The German name of Todd, the Fox, is "Cap".

Fandom involvement[edit]

The first furry convention Cap attended was Eurofurence 5, Berlin 1999. In the early 2020's he still draws some Furry Art, but is no longer active in the scene in general.


Cap's fursona since the early 90s is a non-morphic red fox.

Convention attendance[edit]


Cap likes to draw female anthropomorphic animals since 1995. In the year 1998 he uploaded his first artwork to the VCL archive. After building up his first homepage in 2000, he registered a Fur Affinity account in November 2006 for his newest works. Since 2012 his fur (tf) art is also on Inkbunny

His main tools are color pencils and paper. After the scan process he use simple digital effects. Most of his artwork includes adult content. He is also a transformation artist.

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