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CanineHybrid's logo

CanineHybrid (real name Riley Michelle Carbaugh; born 1990), is a furry artist native of Colorado, USA. She has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado. Riley is primarily a digital illustrator and fursuiter/maker represented as either a shapeshifting dragon or as a "canine-hybrid" character, a German Shepherd crossed with a dinosaur.

Riley regularly attended Rocky Mountain Fur Con (RMFC) and make appearances at most Colorado-based conventions. She first started creating fursuit costumes in 2006 and offers tutorials, progress photos, and advice for beginning fursuit construction on her YouTube channel. Her series of Pokemon creature costumes, including Charizard, Aerodactyl, Leafeon, Shadow Lugia, and Groudon (2007-2011), have competed for awards at various anime conventions.

CanineHybrid Creations[edit]

Riley formally operated as CanineHybrid Creations, which was officially adopted in August 2007 and state-registered as a trade name in 2010. The business specialized in a variety of creative services: including design, character artwork, creature costumes, & animation, often hybridizing these artforms together to create unique projects.[1] An online webstore offered a variety of molded and cast products intended for incorporating into the construction of creature suits. CanineHybrid Creations obtained dealer's room space at RMFC each year from 2010-2015.


Unfortunately on April 21, 2015, she lost ownership of to domain hijacking and was inspired to adjust her branding, choosing the name Creatureneer, LLC on August 6, 2015. The slogan is "We engineer creatures!" Creatureneer is a small business that specializes in bringing unique characters to life as wearable creature suits for cosplay and performance art. Services include concept design, illustration, sculpting, molding, casting, animatronics, and sewing.[2] Creatureneer had a dealer's table at RMFC 2016 and opened a new Etsy-based webstore focused on selling shirt designs in late June 2017.

Mythimorph Studios[edit]

Riley officially re-branded to Mythimorph Studios, LLC on August 01, 2018. The slogan is "Design, Create, Transform!" She is a vendor under this name at DenFur 2018.[3]

Original characters[edit]

CanineHybrid's Characters

Riley has created several characters that are commonly associated with her work or identity and often have their own social media accounts and followings. The most notable are:

  • "Riley" a female German Shepherd-dinosaur hybrid, sometimes also seen as a normal German Shepherd, who serves as her main fursona. Known for being a half-finished fursuit, it debuted in its work-in-progress foam state at conventions and is a visual aid for her costume construction panels.
  • "Tusaris" is a female, shapeshifting, western dragon who has a human form (also named Riley and resembles the real-life artist) and serves as her alternate fursona.
  • "Skade" aka "Toast" a female were-raptor, known for her odd ability to transform into a raptor dinosaur by eating toast and her habit of leaving her socks on during the metamorphosis.
  • "Topaz" a female gryphon, a hybrid of an aplomado falcon and an amur tiger. A realistic fursuit has been created for this character.
  • "Theod" a male Ruasonid, an original alien species that resembles an anthropomorphic raptor dinosaur; best known as the test subject for a pair of digitigrade stilts, created for testing applications in a future fursuit, and is also featured in the current logo for Mythimorph.
  • "Sonar" is a genderless Dutch Angel Dragon based on a magpie, who is most recognized as an admin and webmaster for the species' community websites. A toony fursuit has been created of this character.
  • "Tusami" a female silver dragon, the character and username of her previous online identity. Retired.


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